VT Cosmetics x BT21 Lip Lacquer

My favorite lip product collab this year!

Product Description: A makeup collaboration that is not only adorable but also practical and functional.
The Cream Lip Lacquers are semi matte lip lacquers that stick to lips upon applying.                     The Glow Lip Lacquers are moist, glossy lip lacquers that create clear and bright colors.

Volume/Packaging: These come in a 4.5g white tube with the different BT21 characters on them plus a doe foot applicator attached to each.

Color: These are available in 8 colours, 4 for the cream lip lacquers and 4 for the glow lip lacquers. I only got 3 colors of the cream lip lacquers and all 4 colors of the glow lip lacquers.

Scent: Each has a subtle fruity scent.

Texture: The cream lip lacquers have lightweight, semi matte finish. The glow lip lacquers are gel-like, glossy in finish. Both have medium to high pigmentation.

Directions: Use the doe foot applicator to gently stroke the product all over the lips.

Effect Duration: The cream lip lacquers last up to 5-6 hours on me while the glow lip lacquers lasted longer, around 7-8 hours on me.

Price: Each retails at around 15-20 USD (but can be more expensive with resellers as I got mine directly from Hyundai H Mall and these were on sale when I got them since they were newly released that time).

Rating: 4.2/5

The VT cosmetics x BT21 makeup line was released 2 months ago. The line ranged from base, blushers and eye makeup to different lip products and even cleansers. This line was very much hyped. These even got sold out after a week’s time! I got these babies during the week of their release. I decided to just get the lip lacquers as I’m the liquid lipstick type of girl than lippie sticks and you’ll never go wrong with lip products too.

I was a bit sad as I didn’t get all colours of the lip lacquers. Anyway, I was still lucky enough to get the other 7 colours.

Above are the colors for the Cream Lip Lacquers (in order): RJ (02) is in Vanilla Rose, a dusty rose, my favorite among the cream lip lacquers; Cooky (03) is in Mellow Coral, a good for daily use peach coral and; Koya (04) is in Syrup Red, a vibrant coral red.

Below are the colors for the Glow Lip Lacquers (in order): Chimmy (01) is in Pure Coral, a subtle coral; Shooky (02) is in Tangerine Orange, a bright orange lippie; Mang (03) is in Awesome Pink, it’s more of a fuchsia pink in tone and; Tata (04) is in Potent Red, a rich red color with a hint of coral in it.

For these lippies, VT Cosmetics did a great job! One swipe is enough for a good color pay off from each lip lacquers. One swipe already gives a medium pigmentation but these are still buildable which can create a high pigmentation. These last long too, although as I stated above, the glow lip lacquers last a bit longer. Also, as you can see in my swatches below, the glow lip lacquers couldn’t be erased even after I did double cleansing on my arm already. Yes, I already used a makeup remover and even a cleansing foam to wash them off but you can still see them which is great as most of us are just too busy to do touch ups.

If you like powdery, semi matte finishes which are very lightweight that you feel like you’re not wearing any lip product at all, then I recommend the Cream Lip Lacquers. These are also my preference during this time of the year. But if you love lip tints that lasts the whole day on you, the Glow Lip Lacquers are for you. For me, these are great when used if you love the gradient lips. Both lip lacquers aren’t drying on the lips and these aren’t patchy at all, still do moisturize your lips every time.

You don’t get much variety of colors as there were more on the coral side which is I think the only down side of these lippies. These aren’t also on the cheap side but is totally fine considering the pigmentation and color pay off. Anyway, aren’t these the most adorable lip products you’ve seen? Plus they’re very functional too!

This would be my favorite lip product collab this year! P.S. That’s not biased!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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