Tony Moly x Monsta X Liptone Get It Tint S


Another lip product review from a collab with my second favorite boy band! Are these worth it?

Product Description: The Liptone Get It Tint S was made in partnership with Tony Moly Street Culture and MONSTA X. It comes with a collection of various vivid and neutral, coral, pink and red shades made for every skin tone.

Packaging: Each comes in a glass like plastic tub with a white twist cover and a doe foot applicator.

Color: This comes in 6 colors. I got mine in Baby Coral (01) and Pink Coaster (03).

Scent: This has a mild candy-like scent.

Texture: It has a watery to gel-like texture that glides through the lips upon application.

Directions: Use tip to outline lips and apply lip gloss to center of lips.

Effect Duration: This lasts fairly long, almost the whole day even when you’re eating and drinking.

Price: This retails around 5-6 USD each (around 4 GBP).

Rating: 3.8/5

It feels like I’m revealing more of my fangirl side in this diary more this year. (Oh well, for those who follow me on my Instagram & Twitter knows how much of a fangirl I am. LOL!) When it was revealed that Monsta X were the new faces of Tony Moly, I was like, really? Tony Moly products would always be a hit or miss for me, even their lip products. Were these lip products worth the try? I would say… *cue in drum roll* YES!

These lip tints glides into the lips really smoothly. These are fairly pigmented but these are still very buildable. In my swatches below, you can see how nice these are for gradient lips. These came in 6 colors, mostly of red to orange shades. I got 2 colors as the other 4 colours were already sold out. The Baby Coral is, like its name, a coral shade. (This was I.M’s color in the CF.) Pink Coaster is a bright pink color. (This was my favorite in the band, Hyungwon’s color in the CF.) I don’t really see myself grabbing these babies until Spring and Summer because of how bright the colors are.


I swatched both colors at the back of my palm then tried to wipe them away with my lipstick remover and even washed my hands but you can still see marks of the tints in my hand. Yes, you should expect to have a hard time erasing them from your lips. Yet, that shows how long lasting they are which is something great for a lip tint.


Finally, I would recommend you to moisturize your lips before using these. Also, these came in with random photo cards of the members. Anyway, these are definitely worth the try!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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