Café Series 04: Milk Train


Feeling like floating on the clouds with sweet soft serves!

I have been to a few ice cream parlors and cafés here in the UK then I realized, why not continue on with my café series as cafés don’t only limit to coffee shops but to also lots of different things and ice cream is one of them.

May the weather be hot or cold, ice cream would always be a comfort food to me. I have been enjoying different kinds of ice cream the different places I’ve been to have got to offer. One of my favorite ice cream places so far would be Milk Train.


Milk Train is a cute spot offering soft serves, candy floss and everything sweet! No wonder why the queue is always so long outside this café.

First, you get to pick if you want it on a cone or in a cup. Second, you get to decide which flavor of soft serve you want, they have vanilla, strawberry and matcha. Next, you choose which toppings you want on your soft serve then finally you may opt for some candy floss around it or not. They’ve got 3 specials; Popcorn & Caramel, Cookies & Cream and The Unicone.


I chose the cute and colorful Unicone which resembled a rainbow while my friend got the Cookies & Cream. Both are really sweet and can totally satisfy your ice cream craving.


The place was rather small but still very gram-worthy. They also offer different hot beverages ranging from espresso to their specials like Hojicha latte.

Also, they used to be in Bedford Street, London but are now relocating in November. You can always check their Instagram to know where their new location is. Hopefully, the new place would be bigger to cater to more customers.

You’ll feel like you’re floating on candy floss with all the sweetness after your visit here! Can’t wait to visit next month to try their affogato and matcha latte!


I’m finally back with my café series! You can definitely look forward to more!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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