UK Series: Brighton


How I spent the last of summer 2018? A day in Brighton!

It has started to be cold already and Fall has officially started a few days ago. But before it started getting colder, I made sure to enjoy most of the sunny days and the best place to be was Brighton!

Brighton is a seaside resort town in East Sussex. It is almost a 2-hour train ride from London. It is the perfect place to be if you want to spend a day somewhere close basking in the sun by the sea.

My day started with a visit at the Brighton Sea Life and watched the amazing sea creatures they had there.

I and my friend then took a stroll around Brighton Marina and Brighton Palace Pier. The view was beautiful. I even learned the hard way that I shouldn’t be walking around eating fish and chips as a flock of seagull went to steal away my food. Now, I wouldn’t even come near any seagulls.


After that traumatic experience, we hopped on the British airways i360 to take my mind off somewhere else and fully enjoy the picturesque landscape Brighton has to offer from up above 162 metres high.

We then walked to the town to see the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. We took some time off the walking and sat in the park in front of the museum sipping a few drinks to quench our thirst.

As we had gained our energy back, we went to the sea side to get some souvenirs and take some photos with the colorful and cute huts in Hove beach.



Summer 2018 had been great and I made sure I spent the last of summer to its fullest.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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