UK Series: Banstead


A piece of Provence in my new home!

I have always dreamed of going to a flower field and dreams do come true as I was told that the county where I live is known for its Lavender field during summer time.

Mayfield Lavender Farm is located in Banstead which is still quite a travel (at least 2 hours) from my town. As we set foot on the Lavender Field, the trip was worth it.

Lavender usually blooms towards the end of June so we went there last month in July just to make sure that most of the lavender have bloomed.



 The sight was breath taking! We couldn’t help but walk around the field and take loads of photos. Lavender is one of my favorite flowers and I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the farm was. It was surely well taken care of. They even have shops and cafes which sells lavender infused stuff. There was also a tractor you can ride on to see the whole farm.





We even got to try some lavender infused desserts!


I would totally wish that these beauties are able to bloom whole year but the colder months are approaching. Anyway, there would always be next year and I will surely be back here!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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