UK Series: Portsmouth


A day out in this beautiful port city!

On one fine sunny day, my friend and I decided to head down south to get some vitamin sea. Hearing how beautiful the city of Portsmouth is, we made up our minds to go there.

As we went out the train station, the view of the HMS warrior welcomed us.


We then walked around and finally got some fresh sea air and loved the sight of the port with the yachts docked there.



Portsmouth is known for the Gunwharf Quays, a leading shopping outlet but before all the shopping, the first in our agenda was the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.


On top of the tower, there was a viewing area where you can enjoy looking at the vast sea. I held my breath to make it not obvious on the photos that I was scared to be seating on the Sky Walk.



We had booked ourselves to a lovely High Tea at The Clouds, a café situated on top of the tower. That is just 105 meters above Portsmouth Harbour.



I have been looking forward to an afternoon tea experience and I just fulfilled it. With a cup of lovely tea, delicious pastries and a breathtaking view, it was definitely an unforgettable experience.




The view of the Gunwharf Quays from up above the Spinnaker Tower.


How awesome is this view?


I’ll definitely go back there as I know Portsmouth still has more things to offer plus lots of shopping!

P.S. United Kingdom is such a beautiful country and I’m in awe of its beauty so I finally made up my mind and decided to do a UK series of travel posts as I wish to wander around and discover the beautiful places that the country has to offer. You can definitely look forward to more travels within the country that I’ll be showing you. This is definitely making me so excited!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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