Holiday Gift Ideas for Her


A few holiday gift ideas for her!

It’s just 15 days until Christmas and most of us may have started with our holiday gift shopping already. For those of you who are still confused with what to get your girlfriends, girl best friends, sisters, or female significant others, I rounded up at least 3 things that will surely make her happy this holiday.


1. Holiday Makeup Collections for the Makeup Junkie
Makeup brands release special holiday collections for this season and if she’s a makeup junkie she’d love to receive a collection from her favorite makeup brand. Same also goes to those who are skincare enthusiasts. For me, I got this early present from a friend. She definitely knows that having the perfect brows really matters to me. I was very glad to receive this Ellen Tracy Professional Brows Collection which is complete with brow stencils, gel, shadow, duo pencil, tweezers and even highlighter. I was really pleased to receive this!

2. Shopping Spree with the Fashionable Chic
Taking her to a shopping spree would definitely be a treat! If you’re still confused what piece of clothing would make her smile then going shopping with her would be great. She’d get to choose what she truly wants plus you get to spend some time with her. Also, if you only have limited moolah then set your budget first before going out. She can definitely make things work for you!



3. A Personalized Journal for the Sentimental and Creative Lady
For the ladies who like to take things personal, then a personalized journal would be awesome. This personalized planner was something I’ve been wanting to get and so I decided to give myself an early present. This is especially useful for those who have a lot of things going in their schedule too. She’ll thank you for getting this for her as she won’t need to collect those stickers from Starbucks just to get a planner. Also, she’ll remember you whenever she uses it!

Hope this list helps. Anyway, whatever you may choose, what matters most is the thought. During this season, let’s always remember that it’s always better to show our love to our significant others by giving and spending time with them.

(I don’t own some of the photos used. Rightful credits to the owners of the photos.)

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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