CAFÉ SERIES 03: Coffee Madness

Your caffeine getaway in the North!

Everyone loves a coffee break that they’re given in between work hours. But tell you, a 15-minute coffee break is not enough. Most people still go out to cafés and coffee shops after work.

How about a real break just to enjoy that cup of coffee? This is what lured me to go to this coffee shop that can double as a getaway from the stressful life in the city.

Coffee Madness is a pretty known coffee shop located at the North of Cebu. It gives off an outdoor vibe with its gardenesque landscape making you feel relaxed while taking your favorite cup of coffee. They even have a pool that you can enjoy.

Their coffee are made from freshly picked beans from their garden ensuring you great quality coffee. A lot of people come back to this coffee shop because of its great coffee offers. They have quite a variety of coffee, may these be hot, iced or frappes. They also have a good list of non-coffee and tea drinks you can choose from.

I got there with two of my friends to unwind after a busy day. We got 3 frappes, yes, the matcha’s mine. I have also tasted their café mocha since I went back there last week (not in the photos). Their matcha’s fine but their coffee based products are really good.

My friends and I also have some carbonara and Meat Lover’s pizza which are sold from a Pizza and Pasta store beside the café. Apparently, these two are separate but are still partners, so you can enjoy your coffee with some good pasta or pizza.

Being there makes you feel good as you won’t have distractions compared to those coffee shops located in the city. I’m going back there within the week. It’s definitely the caffeine getaway you’ll need!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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