Top 5 Fave Apps

The most used apps on my phone!

I have lots of applications on my phone but these 5 are the most used (abused? Lol!) ones. I have tried downloading tons of applications of different kinds from SNS to photo editors and even different games but I can actually just live with these 5 in my phone (except for the messaging apps).

I loved Instagram ever since its early days and I take my Instagram game strongly. If you’re following me, you would know that I’ve been changing my feed styles but I’m pretty happy with it now but maybe I’ll change it again in the future depending on my mood and sometimes, the trend. Sadly, Instagram has been filled with bots recently, the main reason why I have lied low on posting. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back on my feed game soon. Please do follow me too!

I love Pinterest so much! It’s practically my source of inspiration! You’ll know it when you have it!

I have 2 top tools for photo editing and number one is Snapseed. This isn’t a secret for bloggers and even photographers when opting to use their phones in taking photos. I just love how this app changes the brightness and contrasts in one picture, tell you, it makes a lot of difference but not to the point of looking fake. It gives off a natural vibe on your photos as well.

I’m most active on Twitter than any other SNS apps. It’s my source of daily news and I interact with people here as well. Let’s be friends too!

My favorite app for photo editing and the 2nd tool I use for photo editing would definitely be VSCO. I love everything about this app especially the filters. I really like the variety of filters in VSCO, most especially the natural looking ones, it wouldn’t look like you edited your photos.

These apps aren’t new but these are definitely the most useful to me. What are you fave phone apps? Are there any apps you would want to recommend? Hit them in the comments and I’ll try them out!



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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