Café Series 01: Balai by Café Plus


The modernized feeling of home!

Late last year, I have confessed that I went on a caffeine-free life. It was very difficult for me who only functions with caffeine. I have successfully gotten rid of anything caffeinated for a year. Now, I’m welcoming caffeine again in my system but is doing my best to limit it. A cup of coffee a day for me is now enough than the 3 cups a day 2 years ago.

Cafés, as a coffee drinker myself, is one of my sweet escapes. The aroma of coffee excites me but as I’m limiting my caffeine intake, I will be featuring different drinks even the caffeinated ones in this portion.

Moving on to the café series, I recently went to this coffee shop with a few friends. We didn’t plan to visit but we were curious since the interior really looked good. As we went in, we were amazed by the simple with a homey feel but modern touch of the café’s interior. It’s a place where you can not only chat with friends but also study or make reports. They also have private rooms and function halls where you can reserve for some private party with your friends or family.

The coffee shop offers a variety of drinks, caffeinated or not; and lots of delicious looking desserts. I got to try their matcha, yes, I can judge a caffeine by their matcha. Tell you, it’s good! I also tried their blueberry iced tea and it’s commendable. I’ll definitely be visiting again to try more of their iced teas. I already had my dose of caffeine for the day, so I didn’t bother getting any caffeinated drinks. Also, I’d like to try their cheesecake next time. My friends and I were already full as we also had dinner out so we didn’t bother getting any sweets.

This coffee shop isn’t that far away too, very accessible when you’re within the city. This place is a must visit!

I have decided to feature different cafés near me, in my town and hoping to bring this segment of my blog outside of my province and even to a different country.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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