Don’t be afraid to repeat!

Raise your hand for those who are guilty of repeating clothing pieces, if not even repeating outfits! Don’t worry, I am also guilty of that.

Not everyone has the luxury to buy lots of fashion pieces, thus mix and match was made. I’m not afraid to repeat different clothing pieces since I know I can show my personal style even through mixing and matching repeated pieces. But for this outfit, I decided to repeat it. Though I always see to it that I won’t repeat a certain outfit within 3 months time and for this one, it has been a year since I repeated this so I don’t see anything wrong.

For some brunch out with my sister, I decided to wear this outfit again. It’s very comfortable to walk around in this number but it’s still stylish. The only differences since the last time I wore this are how I styled my hair; my shoes of choice, I chose these ballet flats ‘coz going out with my sister meant lots of walking; and my accessories.

Repeating outfits don’t make you any less fashionable. It’s how you carry yourself and the outfit you’re wearing! Are you guilty of repeating clothing pieces? Which one do you prefer this one or the last one?




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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