A June Wedding Dream

When do you wish to get married?

I have already shared to you my dream wedding in a previous post last February. But as they say, June is the month for weddings so I’m here with another post about my dream wedding.




Last month, a cousin of mine got married. He had a romantic beach wedding with the love of his life along the shores of Mactan. I found it really dreamy and it totally reminded me of where I want my wedding to happen. I have already mentioned that I have dreamed of having a beach wedding someday. Have I also mentioned that I would love it to be a June wedding? Why a June wedding? It’s because I always thought of June weddings to be extra magical.



My cousin’s wedding happened just before sunset. It actually rained right before the wedding started when the entourage was about to start. Since it was an open area, it scared us but good thing the rain didn’t last long, just a very short moment of showers, an indication of blessings maybe. The ceremony ended while the sun was about to set. The sunset was beautiful. The reception then followed afterwards.



I loved his wedding! I may want to have a similar one but with my own touches to it, making it different in a lot of ways. I also liked that there weren’t a lot of people making it more solemn and intimate. Everyone was touched and they sure did enjoy the reception as well. My heartfelt congratulations to the newly weds!



When would you want your wedding to happen? Where do you want it to take place?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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