Happy @ 26!


26 things that make me happy!

As I turn 26 today, I want to look on those things that make me extra happy. My 25th year was never easy. I encountered lots of problems that even lead me to depression, yes, I was pretty depressed last year. I’ll open up about it here soon when I get ready. But these 26 little, and not so little, things comforted me and took away all the stress I was experiencing, even until now.

Here are the 26 things that make me happy:

1. My family (My sisters and my little brother especially, they are my ray of sunshine)
2. My boyfriend (We may bicker everyday but he cheers me up like no one else can)
3. A day off to myself (I may have 1-2 days off a week but I usually study on that day or have other appointments to attend to)
4. Road trips

5. Baking (I’ve recently started baking and it just somehow eases my mind)
6. Chocolates (My ultimate comfort food!)
7. Extra cheese in my pasta and a cheesy pizza (Yes, I love cheese especially in my pasta & pizza!)


8. Sweet smell of a perfume or lotion (I love fruity fragrances or fresh, floral scents)
9. Cute stationery, from washi tapes to letter papers (My weakness when going to bookstores)
10. Romantic comedy movies (How I usually spend my Satuday nights? Binge watching my fave rom com movies!)


11. Kpop (Yes, I love Kpop, and it excites me when a new song from my fave groups come out)
12. New makeup (I’m a certified makeup junkie!)
13. New skincare products (I love my skincare just like how I love my makeup)
14. Beauty shop freebies (One of the reasons why I set a specific price when buying beauty products)


15. Shopping! (Need I say more?)
16. Matcha (Hot or cold, I love green tea)
17. Korean drama (Yes, I’m also into Korean drama! Why? Their much lighter and happier than the usual dramas in my country)


18. Cute fashion pieces (Usually Korean and Japanese pieces, these are too adorable to ignore!)
19. Talks with my sisters (Chat time with my sisters are the best conversations)
20. A good book (I like reading but I’m picky so I usually go for those books with really good reviews)
21. Photography


22. My me-time (I also really like spending time with myself, even made a post about it!)
23. Spring & cherry blossoms (I may not experience it but watching it makes me smile.)
24. Traveling


25. Pleasing people (I’m such a people pleaser and hearing compliments from them or just that I made them happy makes me happy too!)
26. Blogging and this blog! (This little diary of mine is one of my stress relievers as well, love reading your kind comments!)

These things are a sure way to please me or even just give me a smile, and these will continue to cheer me up. Hoping my 26th year would be extra happy too with the help of these things and a lot more! P.S. This is also my 250th blog post, I guess this is a double celebration for me!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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