Your Alone Time can be Fun!

How I make my alone time fun?

There are just times when you would love some time alone for an intrapersonal conversation. Those times when you just want to reflect on what’s happening with your daily life. This is a great way to get to know yourself more. With much happenings around, one would tend to forget about one’s self and just keep themselves occupied with studies and work. Giving yourself some space is much needed to let yourself breathe and relax away from the fast-paced, busy world. I wrote down a few ways that I have proven to be effective, these may be simple but they’re worth it!

Ways to have amazing alone time and make the most of it:

• Watch your favorite movie/ TV show
Depending on your personal preference but I stay away from the horror ones.

• Read a good book or your favorite book
Mine’s The Notebook or A Walk to Remember, what’s yours?

• Listen to calming songs
Your favorite songs would be great too! Also, sing with them, even as loud as you can if that relieves your stress. Just make sure to close your windows to avoid angry neighbors.

• Take a warm bubble bath!
Who doesn’t love bubble baths after a tiring day from work?

• Travel alone
I was really depressed last year but I went soul searching and this somehow helped me heal. (P.S. Photos used are from my travels.)

• Meditate and reflect or just let your thoughts wander!
Most of us have busy lives, so just take 5 minutes from your time, close your eyes, do nothing and don’t think about anything too.

• Go on a date with yourself
I usually go window shopping and I purposefully just bring enough money & no credit cards to avoid impulsive buys.

• Take a stroll
A quiet stroll alone is one of the most effective things I do when I’m stressed out. I get to do some exercise while getting to reflect on a lot of things.

• Grab a cup of tea/ coffee
Having a cup of tea/coffee in a café would somehow make me relax. I also choose those cafés with calm ambiance.

• Put your phone on silent
Yes, simple as this. Our phones are our biggest distraction. Putting it on silent when you don’t anticipate any calls or messages on your days off would help you worry less.

• Try cooking or baking
I’m no great cook but this has helped me take my mind away from my concerns for minutes to hours plus I get to enjoy the outcome.

• Write a novel/ a journal.
I started writing stories late last year and it helped me a lot. Also, you don’t really need to publish it if you’re writing a novel.

• Learn/ do something new.
This was what I did when I tried Pilates out and I ended loving it. Now, it’s my go-to workout.

• Pig out!
Yes, literally. I was thinking, maybe this was one of the reasons why there should always be a cheat day. But really, this is a great reward to yourself!

• Have some solitude.
Tell yourself that you’re self-sufficient. Be confident of who you are. Continue to grow and learn different things. Don’t rely on others too much because you too are intelligent and independent!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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2 thoughts on “Your Alone Time can be Fun!

  1. Love this so much! Self care is so incredibly important. It’s really essential to take time out for yourself, especially considering how hectic life can get! Fantastic post!

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