Getting The Cut!


‘Coz there’s a lot of reasons behind a haircut!

Getting a haircut is never an easy decision. Most people attribute a haircut to something big. I know a lot of people who gets their hair cut when they get their hearts broken but this doesn’t apply all the time of course. Most of all, a haircut signifies change.

When I graduated from university, I immediately got my hair straightened through thermal conditioning and had maintained it like that. Frequent trips to the salon for treatments are done. Since then, I have always opted the sleek straight hair. It’s easier to style and I wouldn’t need to spend time styling my hair. I may haven’t told you that I have naturally curly hair, not the kinky curly though. I can still remember my struggles of styling it when I was in high school. It wasn’t a big deal to me when I was in university because I always had my hair tied up in a bun as one of the requirements of my course. These are the main reasons why I got my hair conditioned as soon as I graduated.

I haven’t been getting hair treatments last year so the hair that grew was already the naturally curly ones along with the conditioned ones by the end of the strands. I’ve still been patient and took care of my hair using home treatments but frequent trips to the beach along with the travels and the environment, weren’t of help. I first contemplated on getting a haircut last December, in time for the New Year but I have always been in doubt. Until recently, I have made up my mind since I realized that my hair wasn’t in good condition anymore. It has become really dry and dull even with treatments. I have finally decided on getting the cut.

I first thought, here goes to waking up extra early to style my hair but I was wrong. It was actually easier, well, I’ve still got shorter hair, maybe when it grows longer. I actually missed my natural hair. This was what I grew up with. I also got long see through fringes which can be styled to have them as full on or just side bangs. When I was still in the salon, I almost complained because I was too shock the hairstylist cut more than half of the length of my hair. I told her to cut it along my bust line but it was longer than that. I started to have mixed feelings and wanted to cry. I have spent too much time and effort growing my hair out for her to just cut it like that. Anyway, I just stayed silent. Then when I saw the end result, I wasn’t disappointed, my face brightened up actually because I was satisfied.

Now, I’m pretty happy I went for this decision. Yes, along with this, something big has come. I’ll share it when everything is confirmed. Now, I must tell you, getting the cut was one of the better choices I made early this year! What do you think?



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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