Christmas 2016 Wishlist

What’s in your Christmas wish list?

It’s finally the last month of the year! When you think of December, what comes to your mind? Me, it would definitely be Christmas! I just love the Christmas spirit. Aside from the giving and receiving of gifts, just the thought of celebrating this with my loved ones is something to look forward to every year. Here’s my Christmas wish list:

1. Travel
The chance to travel again would definitely be number 1 on my wish list! The lessons you learn while you travel are irreplaceable. The memories of your travels will surely be treasured until you grow older. Anywhere would be great but here is a list of my dream travel destinations.


2. Holiday 2016 Collections of my Favorite Cosmetic Brands
As a beauty junkie, one thing I always look forward to around this time of the year is the holiday makeup collections of my favorite cosmetic and skincare brands. A few of these that I have been wishing to receive or even buy for myself are Etude House’s My Little Nut Collection, Banila Co.’s Pink Panther Holiday Collection and Laneige’s Milky Way Fantasy. One collection that I should get my hands on to is Tony Moly’s Pokemon Collection which is just the cutest collection I have ever laid my eyes on yet!


3. Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Camera
I have been eyeing on this ever since this went out last September. The black and gold details of this instax cam is just so pretty plus it comes with an elegant case. I’m still happy with my Instax Mini 8 but receiving this for Christmas is such a bonus!


4. Fashion Items
By now, my friends, you already know that I’m the basics kind of girl when it comes to my personal style. I still do follow trends once in a while but I always tend to go back to my laidback comfortable style. One way to amp up the basics is through accessories. This is why I’d rather love to receive accessories than clothing pieces as gifts. Two of these are chokers and box bags. I have been really into chokers and receiving cute ones would make me happy. Box bags are the trend these days and they say these replaced bucket bags and I don’t wonder why. These are really cute and very handy yet doesn’t defeat the purpose. These box bags from Celine and Dolce & Gabbana are on top of my list.

5. Good Health and Happiness
Above all these material things, what’s most important is something you can’t hold. Good health for you and your loved ones would definitely be one of the greatest gift to receive. Also, happiness which is not achieved through material things but by satisfaction and contentment of what you already have. You know, the little things in life give you the most happiness.

(Credits to the owners of the photos used)

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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