In Flight Travel Essentials


These are all you need when traveling!

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of November. Soon enough it will be 2017! I couldn’t wait any longer to welcome another year! But before that, we have the holidays. What are your holiday plans? For those of you who are planning to go travel for the holidays and are going on a plane for several hours, let me share my in-flight travel skincare essentials. P.S. These could pass as your only skincare essentials for the whole duration of your travel. I know so because I love traveling light!

In-flight Travel Skincare Essentials:

• Face Masks
Staying for several hours in the plane is not good for your skin. It dehydrates your skin, making it dry. These are also great for when you have an important appointment the next day while you’re traveling. It will help moisturize your skin even when you’re in a really cold place. I personally really like this Vitamino Moisture Mask from Leaders. This is great for intensive moisturizing plus it comes with an ampoule and cream which comes in different steps. I have already hoarded lots of these for my upcoming travel.

• Sleeping Mask
Not comfortable using sheet masks publicly? Then sleeping masks are for you! This gives the same kind of moisture your sheet mask can give. I also like the Capsule Recipe Packs from Innisfree. These come in different variants and good for at least 3-5 uses.

• Cleansing Wipes
One essential you should never forget about are cleansing wipes!

• Skincare Product Samples
I love saving skincare product samples because these are so useful when you go traveling. I usually bring a ton of samples when I travel. These are not only good for one use but could last for days. Here, I got the Etude House Pure Water Baobab 3 step care which has a cleansing foam, toner and lotion; the Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence; and the Etude House Moisture Cleansing Oil for your double cleansing routine to completely wipe off that makeup at the end of the day. Through these samples, you still get to follow your n-steps skincare routine without bringing a lot of products!

• Hydrating Mist
I love bringing mists along with me whenever I go travelling. I could just rehydrate and moisturize my skin wherever I go with the use of mists. This can also double as an alternative to your toner. I love this Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist because it’s so refreshing and the packaging is just so cute!

• A small tub of Vaseline
One thing I really hate is having chapped lips. I always see to it that I have a tub of Vaseline with me. I usually use this as my lip balm but not only that I also use this to moisturize my hands and feet. This stuff has multiple uses, more than you can imagine!

• Hand Cream
I love keeping my hands moisturized, so I tend to always have a hand cream with me. Also, I would always prefer lotions over perfumes. One of my favorite hand creams is this The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream in Berry Mix because of the sweet smell.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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