Crop Top Out


‘Coz you can still wear your crop tops even during the colder days!

The colder months have finally arrived but honestly, I still can’t get over Spring and Summer fashion. So, I’m on the hunt for ways on how would I be able to still wear my Spring and Summer fashion pieces even during Fall and Winter, or generally the colder months since I only experience 2 seasons. I also wouldn’t want to throw away those cute stuff I got during the hotter days. I guess, this is where layering always goes in.

I have a decent amount of crop tops and I still want to wear them out. As I was scanning my closet, an idea popped out. I got my favorite crop top and layered it out to a white button down. I paired it with this red high waist skirt. I then finished everything off with a pair of wedges. You can also wear stockings with it and finish things up with a pair of pumps or so. I wanted to keep things minimal by just taking out this Dooney & Bourke bucket bag with me since I found the outfit already cute. Now, I’m loving this whole layered preppy look on me.




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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