3W Clinic Collagen Whitening Eye Cream


Is this the eye cream for me?

Product description: The 3W Clinic Collagen Whitening Eye Cream is an eye cream that protects skin around the eyes containing marine collagen and nutritional contents such as vitamins which are rapidly absorbed into the sensitive areas around the eyes without irritation. This is a nutrition cream containing whitening ingredients which helps keep skin white through effective management of skin tones.

Volume: 35ml in a clear glass container

Scent: This has a somewhat powdery scent that eventually fades during application.

Ingredients: This mainly contains marine collagen, the ingredient responsible for making your skin whiter and fairer, and some nutritional contents such as vitamins. This also has niacinamide which helps keep skin white and clean.

Directions: Make it be absorbed by applying a suitable quantity of the product onto around the eye areas after putting skin lotion before sleeping.

Times used: I have been using this product every night before sleeping for a month now.

Skin reaction: None

Price: I got this for around 6 – 8 USD (300 – 350 PHP)

Rating: 3.5/5

I have sensitive skin and I’m very careful with all the products I use. I have been looking for the ‘it’ eye cream for me but haven’t stumbled down through it yet. The last eye cream I used was already over a year ago and I was just satisfied with eye patches and eye masks then. Then I decided that it’s time to invest in a good eye cream and I’m still on the search for the best one. This is a good eye cream but I wouldn’t say this is HG status. This promises to whiten the areas around your eyes. I haven’t seen any visible changes until after a month of use so I wouldn’t recommend this for those who wants fast visible changes. My under eye area got brighter after a month of use, given that you also get proper sleep. This is also moisturizing and doesn’t irritate the areas around my eyes. Also, this has a scent so for those who doesn’t want fragrance and are sensitive to scent then this isn’t for you. I might try another eye cream when I finish this one. Overall, this was good enough, considering the price, the moisture this gives and my skin didn’t react badly to this.





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