My Favorite Korean Beauty Creators


Showing you my favorite Kbeauty creators!

This is like the part 2 of my previous post about my favorite Kbeauty youtubers but now focusing on my top 5 favorite Kbeauty creators. Kbeauty creators are youtubers who have made trends through their videos. They are usually makeup artists. That said, their videos are mostly makeup tutorials.

Here are my top 5 favorite Kbeauty Creators:

5. Angel of Beautifymeeh
Angel is the only English speaking youtuber out of this bunch. She is now more of a vlogger who makes mostly reviews and makeup hauls. But then she used to be a makeup artist so I decided to place her here. I also enjoy the tutorials she makes.

4. Lamuqe
Lamuqe is a must follow kbeauty creator! If you love Korean beauty products and are into Korean beauty trends then you should go check out Lamuqe’s channel.

3. KimDax/ Daeun
I have just recently subscribed to Kimdax this year. I discovered her channel when she made cover makeup tutorials of Cheese in the Trap characters. Ever since then, I have been enjoying her Beauty Cinema makeup tutorials and somehow have seen myself following them.

2. Ssin
The creator of makeup entertainment, Ssin! Ssin doesn’t only make makeup tutorials but makes it fun as well! I love her one brand makeup tutorials and trend makeup skill tutorials. She has recently released her own makeup line, Ssin stealer.

1. Pony
If you’re into Korean beauty then you should know who the makeup artist of the famous 2ne1’s CL is! Yes, it is Pony! Pony is one of the makeup artists I look up to. She is also one of the reasons I considered when I was still debating whether I should create a YouTube account or not. She has successfully made a name in the Beauty Industry. I love all of her tutorials and have watched all of them. For a while now, she has launched her makeup line, Pony Effect, which I have been wanting to get my hands on.

I made this post considering the number of videos I have seen and have enjoyed from each channel. I always consider their opinions on products but the final decision is always up to me and some circumstances. I think each channel are unique and fairly are must follows as well!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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