My Favorite Korean Beauty Vloggers


Showing you my favorite Kbeauty vloggers!

The influence of social media is very powerful. We get to know about the trends and what’s the latest through social media. I can attest to that. I admit that it has fairly influenced me with being a beauty junkie and eventually a blogger as well. Showing that influence on me, let me share to you the people who I have been constantly following.

These days, there a lot of Kbeauty youtubers but I only follow atleast 15 of them. I easily get bored so how they speak matters a lot to me. I always appreciate on how they go all out for their viewers and subscribers. Originally, I had planned on making just one entry showing 10 of my favorite Kbeauty youtubers but later then decided to show 5 of my favorite Kbeauty vloggers and 5 of my favorite Kbeauty creators.

Kbeauty vloggers are the ones who make reviews on certain products. They show their favorites of the month, their latest beauty hauls and their recent empties. They are the ones who I usually refer to whenever I want to purchase a product, and/or if they do recommend such products then I would weigh whether I should get that product for myself.

Here are my top 5 favorite Kbeauty Vloggers:

5. Hanbyul
Hanbyul is the vlogger I usually refer to when it comes to trying out new products since I have similar skin type as hers. Yes, people have different skin types but I haven’t been disappointed with her recommendations and reviews yet.

4. Morgan of The Beauty Breakdown
Morgan is one the most enthusiastic youtubers I have seen. I just never get bored with her videos. I just find myself in the beauty section of the department store and tell myself, Morgan reviewed this on her video, I should give this a try.

3. Joankeem
Joan’s videos gets me smiling. I feel like she is such a sweet person in reality. I just enjoy watching all of her videos and she manages to convince me with almost all of her reviews.

2. Wengie
Wengie has the most subscribed Asian Beauty Channel in Australia. That said, she is a must follow! She makes really great reviews and her recommendations matters so much that I see myself considering them whenever I buy beauty products. She makes sleek makeup tutorials as well.

1. Jen Kim of Meejmuse
I have subscribed to Jen’s channel, Meejmuse, ever since I decided to make a youtube account. She is just so cute and creative. I love all of her reviews. Whenever I look for good Korean beauty products, I always think, does Jen have a review of this on her channel? Then eventually find myself considering her review before purchasing a product.

I made this post considering the number of videos I have seen and have enjoyed from each channel. I always consider their opinions on products but the final decision is always up to me and some circumstances. I think each channel are unique and fairly are must follows as well!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Korean Beauty Vloggers

  1. I love Wengie. She is one of the Youtubers that inspired me to start my own beauty channel on YouTube . ☺️♥️ I am really grateful to her for her helps too.


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