In full bloom for Spring!

Recently, I’ve been wearing light clothing with cute prints since it’s been really hot lately and just in time for the season. I have always wished, I could get to experience Spring. Given that living in a tropical country, you don’t get to experience 4 seasons, just hot/dry and wet/rainy, it would be nice to see your surroundings filled with blossoming and colorful flowers. I wanted to give some love to a blooming season like Spring by wearing floral outfits just like this dress from Crissa Jeans.

Crissa Jeans is a Filipino clothing brand I have always loved ever since I was in high school. It resonates with a teenage girl (and the not so teens) who is constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and is generally easygoing, bubbly and carefree. This dress just shows what this brand upholds to. It’s also perfect for the sunny weather since it’s very light to wear for a day out with some friends. I just kept everything simple by accessorizing with some bangles and a cute nude belt, kept my hair in a side braid and finished everything with a pair of nude ballet flats.





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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