Peripera Letter Me Waterproof Eye Crayon

Eye makeup without the need of touch ups!

Product description: An eye crayon with mild texture for everyone to use easily. This remains long even with sweat and sebum, also with a waterproof effect. This is bright and made with delicate pearls.

Volume: 3gm

Color: This is available in 7 colors but I got #5 Last Second which is a gliterry light brown.

Directions: Apply eye crayon evenly on lid then spread using the sponge tip on the other end.

Effect duration: This lasted me all day even without eye primer underneath.

Price: Around 7-9 USD

Rating: 4/5

I am a fan of eye crayons since these are easy to carry around but I don’t really need to do that with this since this eye crayon from Peripera doesn’t need any touch ups. This is also very pigmented and waterproof as well. My lids aren’t oily so I don’t get problems with my eye shadow but for those who have oily lids, this product is good enough for you since this still remains long with sweat and sebum. This has also been my go to eyeshadow especially when I’m in a rush! Also, always close the cap every after use because the long lasting effect may be affected. I really like this product and I’m off to buy another shade!




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