Tony Moly Pure Eco Bamboo Fresh Water Perfume Mist


Keeping it fresh!

Living in a tropical country can take its toll on your skin, well, it has for me! Then I met this Mist from Tony Moly, I have been a fan of Tony Moly’s skin care lines and I love their mists as well. I am in love with the Bunny Mist. Now, I get both at the same time with this Pure Eco Bamboo Fresh Water Perfume Mist!

This contains 89% of Damyang bamboo water. This promises to provide moisturized skin rest by caring exhausted skin texture with full of mineral moisture texture. Damyang bamboo water is usually used as a main ingredient in products that are used to hydrate skin but at the same time it is good for those with sensitive skin. This helps soothe dehydrated skin from the sun’s scorching heat. This is a pretty good sun care product and this can also cool off minor cuts and burns.

I use this mist as a toner. I spray this mist on a cotton at least 3 times and apply it on my face gently in a round upwards motion before my daily makeup routine. I sometimes bring this along with me during hot days. I spray this mist 3 times on my hand then gently tap it on my face to freshen up my skin from the scorching heat. After application, my skin feels extra fresh and moisturized as well! It is in a cute blue bottle shaped like a bamboo and it smells nice as well!





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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