Made From The Best Stuff On Earth!

Guess What’s Back! They’re made from the best stuff on Earth!

I can still remember during my childhood days, my favorite drink would be Snapple’s Kiwi Strawberry. I would always ask my mom to get me these before she heads home from work. These drinks made me smile a whole lot. These are just great stuff for me!

Now, as much as for my delight, they’re back! My favorite bloggers in the country blogged about them last month and I was excited to get a bottle for myself. Since last month, I have been on the hunt on where can I get some Snapple’s aside from S&R. Then last week, I found myself inside Family Mart looking for something to munch on while heading home from work and saw these! They were available in Green Tea, Raspberry Tea and Pink Lemonade. I got the 2 final flavors and enjoyed them with some cookies for snacks with my sister at home.

Now, I know where to get them at my most convenience! I will definitely see myself enjoying these drinks every now and then.





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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