As Another Year Begins…


Thoughts as another year begins…

People tend to have a habit of asking or listing down their New Year’s resolution but don’t really get to follow them eventually as the year goes by. Some also make a bucket list on what they want to do for the year but for some reasons don’t really happen. So I’d rather come up with some tips and thoughts as another year begins.

Discover, Learn and Be Thankful

There are things that come unplanned. Instead of listing down the things you want to do for the year, why not make use of what is happening in the present to learn new things? You can discover and learn a lot of things about yourself with just the little things in life. Don’t forget to be thankful. Things always happen for a reason and that reason is also for you to find out.

Explore and Be Reasonably Adventurous

Everyone loves to travel and explore, I mean who doesn’t? By the start of the year, you jot down places you intend to go to but as the year near its end, you haven’t gone to that place. Exploring doesn’t always mean traveling. Exploring also refers to a lot of things like a different hobby. Also, be reasonably adventurous, some tend to be happy go lucky, you can’t just keep on exploring and exploring but don’t get to have learnings. The destination matters, but the journey matters more.

Continue what has been started and Be better at it

It’s just as simple as the statement. If you have started to do some yoga or boxing once a week, why not do it twice a week? If you have started on cutting down your caffeine intake to twice a day, why not just take a cup a day unless necessary?

A new year means a new beginning, not to change one’s self but to be a better one. A new year means applying what you have learned from the previous year and also discovering more things while you’re in the journey.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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