Happy Halloween!

Wow! It’s now the end of October and of course, it’s Halloween! Who are going out to a Halloween party?

There are numerous costume outfit ideas for Halloween parties- your choice of character! But I usually don’t have the luxury of time to prepare for such grandiose costumes for parties like these. My go to character would always be the cute and sexy witch. I would only throw on an LBD or any black outfit and wear my witch hat which I have had ever since I was still in High School I guess.

So for one costume party I was invited to, I just threw in this black sleeveless Boyet Fajardo top, paired it with my favorite black skirt (this pair made it look like I was wearing a dress, perfect match!) and threw on my black witch hat. I had smokey eyes and a dark lippie to go with the look.  My friends called it effortless, I just looked like a witch thanks to the hat. I apologize but I was too busy with trainings and work lately. I promise to have the necessary preparations next year! What do you think?






Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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