Before Sleeping (Skincare)


Latest haul from Etude House!

Before sleeping, a good skincare routine matters a lot! You’ll see the results once you wake up the next day. I just love hoarding on sheet masks and I also love the wonders sleeping creams could do! So from my last shopping trip, I got myself a few products from Etude House to try.


I wanted to get myself sheet masks yet decided to go with wash off masks. I got this ‘I Need You, Yogurt! Wash Off Pack’. This pack consists of 4 individual packets of wash off masks with different fruit yogurt smells: strawberry (skin brightening), kiwi (skin rejuvenating), apple (skin moisturizing) and apricot (removing dead skin cells). One packet lasts for at least 2-3 applications, your choice which one to use first. You can opt to try each everyday but I recommend you to consume one packet at a time since you can’t reseal the packet. Leave the mask on your face for atleast 15-20minutes then wash off with lukewarm water. For me, my skin somehow felt moisturized and most importantly I didn’t break out using this pack. My favorite was the apple!


Blackhead and whiteheads are common problems I usually encounter so I also bought ‘Petite Beauty Blackhead 3 Step Kit’. This kit is composed of 3 patches, hence the 3 steps indicated. Each patch has a different texture and functions. The first patch is to open up the pores and gently draw out hidden blackheads with its citrus fruit extract. You leave it on for 15-20minutes. The second patch absorbs and cleans out blackheads with its charcoal ingredient for a clean nose and you leave it for 10-15minutes. Lastly, the third patch is to soothe pores with its green tea and aloe extract and closes up pores for a smooth nose. You leave the third patch for 5-10minutes. Don’t forget to wipe off the remains with cotton every after removal of patches.  After almost forever of application and removal of patches, it did work for me compared to the other blackhead removing patches I have used before though it didn’t totally remove all of the blackheads and whiteheads.



I believe in the wonders of a good sleeping cream. It hydrates and keeps your skin moisturized all night long resulting to a healthier skin the next morning! I got this ‘Moonlight in Spoon Blending Sleeping Cream’. It comes with 8 variants with different scents and functions but I just got 2 kinds, Olive for Richly Moist skin and Royal Jelly for Firm and Moist skin. I thought the packaging was just lovely. Once you open the box a little, it really does have a spoon inside. You are supposed to blend the cream well with the small spoon that comes with it before applying it to your face. (Note: Don’t use the spoon to apply the cream on your face!) You can apply the cream to your neck too for the same desirable effect. You then wash off your face with lukewarm water once you wake up the next morning. I love the smell of the creams and it really did what it’s supposed to do. I immediately felt it once I woke up and after washing my face! Though it is also not resealable, the cream is good for 2-3 uses too!


I loved all these products though I didn’t think these are for everyday use for someone like me with sensitive skin. The cream and wash off mask are not hygienic since they’re not resealable. None the less, I liked everything else about them! Now, I can have a good night sleep! What do you think?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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