How To Have That Healthy Glowing Skin


How to have that healthy glowing skin? Steps that worked for me!

Every girl would love to have that natural healthy glowing skin and I have been working hard to achieve that. My goal? IU! Hence, the photos I used! Let me share to you the ways that have worked on me and I hope they work for you too!

Steps on how to have that healthy glowing skin:

Drink plenty of water

  • Drink atleast 8 glasses of water, this is the best way to hydrate your skin!

Eat healthy

  • Avoid oily foods and avoid caffeinated drinks. Difficult? Yes! Who would say no to that double patty bacon and cheeseburger, right? Then cut down the oil. I can’t live without my daily dose of coffee. I go to the extent of having atleast 2-3 cups of coffee but I lessened it down to just one cup. Eat your veggies too! Tomatoes and lettuce are of great help to have healthy skin.

Know your skin type

  • This is vital! Not knowing your skin type results in purchase of the wrong products leading you to have untoward reactions to your face like break outs.

Always cleanse your face

  • Never sleep with makeup on! A good cleansing routine is very important for that healthy skin. Don’t just be satisfied with merely removing your makeup with some facial wipes, but go wash your face! Avoid rashly removing makeup, opt for a hypoallergenic cleanser if needed. Always be gentle with your face!

Exfoliate, tone and moisturize your skin

  • Exfoliation, also known as deep cleansing is needed atleast 2-3x a week. Remember, don’t overdo it! Don’t forget to tone and moisturize as well. Toning can help remove that extra dirt and moisturizing replenishes your skin after exposure to the environment and all that makeup. You can hydrate your skin using facial packs and masks too.

Never forget to use sunscreen

  • Do not ever go out without sunscreen! This is one of the most important! The sun may not show up but you don’t know how those UV rays damage your skin. Avoid heaters and long steamy bath as well, they tend to dry out your skin.


  • This takes a lot of self-control and to have a healthy skin needs self-control! You will never know the amount of dirt on your hands, so never touch your face. Clean those hands before you cleanse your face as well. Clean your phones and pillows too! Yes, you will never know how dirty your phone is, you put it everywhere, in your bag, in your car then you pick up someone’s call and place it near your face! Change your pillow case from time to time too. You wouldn’t want to destroy the purpose of your night ritual just because of a dirty pillow. Also, always make sure your hands and brushes are clean upon makeup application.

I am no expert but so far, these steps have helped me achieve that healthy skin. Hope you wouldn’t mind me putting a selfie to let you see the progress on my skin. What do you think?

(credits to the owners of the photos used)



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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