Brow Game


Keep your brow game strong!

One thing that catches my attention is one’s brow game. When going outside, I couldn’t help but notice one’s brows and wonder what did she use to keep her brow game strong? Not everyone is blessed with Cara Delevingne brows, so every girl has this frustration over having the perfect brows.

From YouTube tutorials to Pinterest boards, I have looked up on them just to achieve a good brow game. I may not have those perfectly filled in brows but at least my brow game isn’t any weak either. I have mentioned it here once that I am considered a late bloomer. I only started putting on makeup when I was in college just for the sole reason that it was a requirement to wear light makeup.

It never really bothered me to trim my brows or so. Even when I had to attend events, I didn’t allow any makeup artist to touch my brows. I have been teased over my thin brows, thanks to my Chinese decent, so I never let anyone touch them until I was in 2nd Year College. A friend of mine successfully persuaded me to trim and shape my brows. I trusted her, so I allowed her.

Until then, I was meticulous with my brows. But achieving an A game when it comes to my brows is not that easy. I have tried different shapes from rounded, to arched and to straight. I was in the process of figuring out what best fits me. Now, I am just satisfied with sunscreen and a strong brow game whenever I go out.

I keep a good brow game with them paraphernalia on the photo above. First, I pluck out those hairs growing out of the eyebrow shape. One should be careful with plucking your brows, there is a tendency you can over tweeze. Then trim the brows to keep them in shape using eyebrow scissors. You may opt to go to a brow bar or brow house to have a professional do it for you or have eyebrow threading instead.

I then trace the brow shape with an eyebrow pencil, I use Etude House Easy Brow Pencil (#1 since I am dark haired). Brush it up using the pencil’s brush. Remember, your eyebrows are a shade lighter than your hair so whenever you color your hair, don’t forget to do so with your brows too. Then finally fill in the brows using an eyebrow mascara, I use Etude House Color My Brows (#1). Eyebrow mascara also helps your brows to stay in place. Tada! I now have a good brow game and ready to go out!

What do you use and how do you keep a strong brow game? Please comment in any suggestions or recommendations. P.S. My everyday paraphernalia is on the last photo. What do you think?




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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