Be Genuine


Always be genuine!

I have mentioned countless times on this blog that your personality greatly affects your personal style. But with the judging public eye which is very difficult to please, you can’t deny that one would tend to wear a mask. I can’t blame anyone on that, I mean one wrong move you get tons of haters and bashers with or without people knowing you. Most especially with social media these days, wrong choice of words equals tons of hate comments.

Everyone has worked on to look (not only physically), at least pleasant in front of the public eye. This is one of the reasons why everyone has his nose on what’s the trend, what’s in or not. The case is also the same on how you look physically and how you style yourself. Whenever you wear something not trendy, you get judged for being out of fashion. But also, whenever you wear what’s the latest, you get judged for being a show off. Where should we stand now?

This is just a simple reminder for all to be genuine. Don’t be afraid to show people who you really are! No one knows you more than yourself. Don’t let people step unto you but always know your limits. P.S. I’d rather prefer tactless (in a good way) than pretenders.

When it comes to personal style, trendy or not, show who you really are through your personal style! You wouldn’t know, you’ll impress people with your confidence and grace. Which would you choose, trendy or comfy?

I’d always choose comfy though. I am comfy and cozy with blue for Fall with this number. I am wearing a blue tank top with aquamarine Banana Republic cardigan, paired with blue jeans and finished the look off with a touch of mustard with these flats for some Autumn feel. What do you think?




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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