Taking it to the streets!

With the newly wrapped up Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week, a lot of street styles were brought up. One of these trends were socks and sandals. Is this trend really fashionable?

First worn by hipsters and tourists, this trend was further on brought to the runway. This was worn by famous models, on and off the catwalk, and famous fashion bloggers as well. It was surprisingly adapted by some of household designers. Well, indeed it’s comfy but most say it’s not fashionable.

I first saw this trend in a photo of a random girl wearing socks and sandals in the streets of New York taken by Scott Schuman, also known as The Sartorialist. I was then fascinated, especially when one can pull off a look with this trend. Obviously, not everyone looks good with such trend. It’s experimental and definitely not for every day wear.

Given the gloomy weather, I grabbed the chance to try on this trend and took it to the streets. I was wearing a bubblegum sweatshirt paired with a black skirt. I finished the look with the said trend, gray stripes socks and gray wedges. I didn’t really stick with just sandals but wedges for a more chic look.

Socks and sandals, a trend or a taboo? What do you think?





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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