Tu es belle!

If given the chance, I wouldn’t change my name but maybe I’ll add one. Belle is one of the names I adore, reserved it for the future for my daughter (if I’ll have one) or a niece perhaps. It’s a French word which means ‘a beautiful girl’.

There are times when you’re feeling low. There are also days when you feel ugly. Girls being girls, we need assurance and some kind of constant reminder that we are beautiful. Yes, it’s given that we can’t please everyone and not everyone can appreciate our beauty. But I believe that real beauty reflects from within and everyone is beautiful in their own little ways (cheesy, I know but true!).

For my little sister’s birthday, I felt beautiful and extra feminine with that pastel pink t-shirt from Ayers Rock and white polka dotted black skater skirt from Callia. Tied my hair up in a ponytail to keep the look simple and finished it off with those blue SM Parisian ballet flats. I went matchy- matchy with my little sister actually! What do you think?

By the way, always remember that you’re beautiful! Toujours rester belle!





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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