Who says you need branded clothes to be stylish?

Yes, fashion always comes with high end brands. But that doesn’t apply all the time! Just because you are bringing a Louis Vuitton Speedy with you (yet wearing some mismatched clothes), you are already fashionable. You may turn heads while bringing and wearing those branded items but that doesn’t instantly say you’re stylish.

Not everyone is that rich to have all those expensive brands. This is one of the reasons why people make money making and selling Class A items. Remember, there are always alternatives! Why not opt for a Michael Kors Grayson Satchel over the very expensive Louis Vuitton Speedy 35? It’s the wiser choice, especially for working girls. It’s a lot more practical! Yet, you can always treat yourself after those overtimes and all-nighters you’ve pulled off at work. You deserve the treat but it’s not something for every paycheck.

If you can’t see me in Forever21 or Topshop, you can find me in bargain shops. Yes, I like going to these kind of shops too. You will never know the steal you’ll find there! You can make the item you found your own also! Get those scissors and sewing machine and personalize that item! You’ll never know what your imagination can do!

Like these pieces I’m wearing, both pieces are brand less and I couldn’t care less! (I actually took out the right front pocket of this blouse and kept the left one but didn’t change it much since it already fits me well.) I’m keeping it laid back with this top but girly at the same time with this skirt. I kept it cool with the hat and lace up flats.

The good things don’t always come with the label! It always goes with comfort, confidence and creativity, remember that! What do you think?





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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