Keeping it light and casual errday…

Comfort is key most especially in your everyday look. It’s not every day that you’d want to glam up. There are days that you just choose to keep it simple.

For my everyday look, most especially with the unpredictable humid or rainy weather, jeans (shorts or pants) are just the go-to choice. I don’t always take the car or the cab, I take public transportation most of the time so jeans and a shirt are just perfect. For that one day which I had to run an errand then ended the day with a picnic with the family, going with the casual look and minimal makeup is just the only option. I am wearing shorts paired with a black tank top which I layered with a white knitted top  and finished the look with my turquoise blue wedges. To keep my stuff safe, I brought my black converse backpack with me.

Bonus! What’s inside that backpack? A pair of sunglasses, since when the sun’s up the scorching heat is just blinding. My Starbucks planner, I love taking down notes and everything I need and must do are in this planner so I usually bring it every day (though, whenever I didn’t bring a much bigger bag, I have my phone as my planner and I rewrite important notes down in my planner at the end of the day). My favorite tub of Victoria’s Secret cream, some accessories, my choice of lipstick for the day, pens and my wallet of course!

What do you think?





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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