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‘Coz they’re not called your crowning glory for nothing!

Your hair is one of the most important parts of your body. They are your crowning glory! They should be taken care of!

Most girls may usually opt to go to salons monthly, twice a month or even weekly for that hair treatment or hot oil session you need to keep your hair healthy. But why can’t we do it at home? These days, there are already ready-made hot oil treatments you can buy at some drugstore near you. This way, it will be easier for you working girls out there plus it will be more affordable!

One of these products and my ultimate favorite (since it’s the only one I’ve seen work better on my hair) is Silk Secrets: One Minute Hot Oil Treatment! I am using the Milk scented one. It is available in other scents too like Peppermint, Coconut and Aloe Vera, depending on your preference. I chose milk because the smell of oh-so sweet milk is just so heavenly on your locks!

I’ve had trouble with my hair, it used to be frizzy and dry but after using this my hair became more manageable, shiny, soft and with more volume. It gives your locks that extra oomph! I am using this as a replacement of my daily conditioner. It is pretty light and creamy in texture. The directions say, after shampoo, apply the product evenly on hair. Gently massage and leave on for one minute. Rinse thoroughly after. It is recommended for daily use.

This has been tried and tested by my aunts and some other people I know. This is also mostly recommended by salons I’ve been to. I’ve been using this since the start of the year and I have already consumed 4 tubs! It didn’t give me any untoward reactions like dandruff or hair fall. It does effectively revitalizes, refreshes and adds instant shine to your hair.

It is the sole drugstore hot oil treatment that have made much difference for my hair! It is pretty cheap too, won’t hurt your pockets! It is absolutely a must try & I would never hesitate to purchase another tub whenever I run out. What do you think?

image image image image

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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