Enjoy Your Month!


It is still mid-June yet I am very much enjoying it!

June is a month I’ll always look forward to every year! Since it’s my birth month, I always exert extra efforts to have a month long celebration in my own little ways.

Here are some ways and little reminders on how you can enjoy your birthmonth (or even if it’s not your birthmonth!):


Travel & explore new places and things!

When we say travel, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to fly to another country or cross to another island. You can always enjoy those undiscovered gems of your city, to those places where you’ve been wanting to go which is only an hour drive away from your home. You’ll certainly enjoy the road trip going there! It’s also the time of the year when I’ll allow myself to be out of my comfort zone the most. Why not do those things you don’t usually do like simple as taking the bike going to school rather than taking a cab! I’m sure you’ve got plenty of things in mind!

Reunion with friends

With your busy schedule, do you still have the time to communicate and spend quality time with your friends?You may always be with them but are you really updated with what’s happening in their lives? I’ll admit, I don’t get to see my friends everyday, we do catch up using calls and texts but it’s always different when you’re with them! Ditch partying, instead have a slumber party with the girlfriends. These are the times when it’s your turn to listen to their stories rather than wanting them to listen to yours. I’m a silent one so I usually enjoy listening rather than talking. A good chitchat with the girlfriends is certainly something to look forward to.


Quality time with family

I am the happiest when I am with the people who loves me and that is my family! The best times are the ones spent with them so always make sure to make good memories with the people who treasures you the most! When my sister, brother and I travelled together to Batangas, we got to know each other more and definitely enjoyed those times. Looking for our next adventures together!

Be extra caring to your significant other

Of course! Whose not caring to their loved one? My partner has been really sweet and he’s usually the one who works for us to meet most especially that we’re in a long distance relationship. Now, it’s my time to give back and be extra sweet. Time is a crucial part in this area, so always make time! A whole day on Skype makes a difference, rather than just a call before going to sleep at night!


Pamper yourself

Everyone deserves some good pampering! After those extra hours at work, those all nighters and all the stress from the pressure you receive both at work and at home, there should be a time to relax! What is your definition of pamper by the way? Shopping is a therapy! My definition of pampering? Shopping then mani-pedi and a facial or hair treatment right after! A stay on a nearby hotel with nothing to think about is also a good kind of pampering!

Dress not only to impress

Most people dress up with those trendy pieces but remember, the key to fashion is comfort! Are you happy after experiencing that excruciating pain of your high heels after strolling around the mall? This is why I always choose comfort than style. Your style depends on how you bring yourself! So be confident!


Take care of your health

A pop of some vitamins wouldn’t hurt! Remember, your health is very important. It’s so easy to get worked up but so difficult to regain the healthy you. Take time to give away stress. Drink plenty of water, sleep at least 6 hours per day, do a little exercise and don’t settle with fastfood!

Have some alone time

Soul searching is vital to get to know yourself more and get your priorities straight. Some alone time at home or wherever will get you thinking on some of the most important things for you at the moment.


Embrace your imperfections

Nobody’s perfect! Accept what you have and be satisfied, that way you can embrace your imperfections without any insecurities. Everyone is unique, remember that!

Always smile!

Say no to negativity always! Never let those bad vibes get into you! You may have problems right now but life goes on. Those challenges are given to you for you to be stronger! Remember to smile!

Enjoy the rest of June everybody! What do you think?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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