Sweet Life


A few of the things I am grateful for…

For my 20+ years of existence, I can’t be any happier and I owe it to these:

A Fulfilling Job

I am a nurse by profession and blogs as a hobby. For 3 years of being a nurse, I have learned a lot. I have encountered different kinds of people from all walks of life. Yes, it’s draining and stressful but at the end of the day I get to reflect on those encounters and realize a lot of things, most especially that I’m living in a 3rd world country. I want to extend my hand to those who need help in my own little ways.

I may only blog as a hobby and just started this blog 2 months now but I am absolutely loving it! I am still learning the how to’s of being a good blogger yet I have met new people and enjoying my time here in the blogosphere. Thanks to those who gave me inspiration. Looking forward to meeting other bloggers, making great posts for my readers and learning more!


Loving Parents

I am blessed to have supportive parents. They never pressured me on anything they want me to do or to be. Yes, they are strict even until now that I am 20 something but I totally understand where they are coming from. They even encouraged me in blogging. My mom serves as my personal stylist and my dad as my best critic. Love them so much!


Great Support Group

To those people who always listened when I’m feeling down, to those who motivated me and urged me to publish this blog and cheered me on as I go on through my everyday journey. This support group consists of my partner, my brothers and sisters, my grandma and all those who loves me.


Never Ending Learning Experiences

Who lives a perfect life? There is no such thing as a perfect life! Everyone, even the Queen of England, the President or the person you passed by in the corner experiences bumps and troubles in their journey through life. These tests make you stronger and make you realize that you’ve got a life worth living!


This Simple Life

Aren’t you just thankful for those simple things that make you smile everyday? A scoop of my favorite ice cream makes me ecstatic, the excitement I get while reading my favorite books, the happiness while watching the weekly dose of my favorite TV shows, the delight from getting styled by my mom and photographed by my sister in this really cute yellow & pink striped top matching with those SM Parisian fringe flats and a scarf as the only accessory (but completes the look! It’s the lightest way you can wear scarf during Summer!) on a fine day or just a simple smile from the person I love makes me satisfied. These things just complete my day!

As another year has been added to my lifeline, I will always be thankful for these things. This simple life is indeed sweet! What do you think?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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