Autumn Charm: Fall ’22 Lookbook

A little style diary for this year’s chilly autumn!

With the chilly breeze in the air and the frequent rainshowers, I must admit that I do have a love and hate relationship with this season. Yes, it’s autumn, some may call it fall too. I did say that it gives me excitement like how Spring gives me, but also, the late sunrise and early sunsets make me feel sad. Oh well, that’s just how the season goes and totally embracing it by wearing cute outfits.

For this year, I have curated styles that are very practical and not just particularly basing on trends. I always say yes to comfort first, but comfortable can be cute too, so why compromise one? The answer to this is basic pieces and staples! Here, I will show you how to dress cutely and comfortably!

Leather as cover up!

Leather is a must for me during transitioning seasons, mostly leather cover ups. May it be a leather jacket and/or a leather blazer.

Here, I wore this pink cropped leather jacket over a cute floral dress paired with my favourite Charles and Keith bag and boots for a photo shoot. For when the season was just starting and it wasn’t too chilly yet, I clearly wasn’t over summer, so I wore this cute yellow top and shorts with a leather blazer to keep me warm in the evening but not too hot in the daytime too, I paired it with my favourite Tory Burch crossbody bag and ballet flats for a day in the park. I thought both outfits were so cute!

Anything with white!

For times when you’re confused what to wear, anything goes with white! May it be a dress, top or bottoms.

Anything white would be a staple for me as it can go with anything. If I show you my closet, it would definitely be filled with white pieces, if not white, then cream, beige or even off-white. Both of these outfits I wore when I was in Edinburgh. For a stroll in the city, I wore this white frill neck broderie dress, paired with a trenchcoat, brown boots which are perfect for the season and a check beret. I thought the ensemble was just perfect for where I was and for the season too. While during our first day there, I made sure to be comfortable as we were on the train for more than 4 hours. A white top was the secret. I paired it with a black skirt, my trusty trenchcoat, brown boots and leather beret. This is what I can call cute and comfy!

Pleated skirts for autumn!

I always lean on to pleated skirts during this season. It may be because these are cute when they are longer so midi and maxi pleated skirts are must haves.

You will always see me wearing pink whatever season it may be. I wore this pink pleated skirt in Spring but why not in Autumn too? I paired it with a white top, an oversized cardigan, my beloved cream Gabine bag and a beret too for an afternoon tea invitation. Yes, it definitely is beret season! For a day out of meetings and meet ups, something formal in the morning and something more casual in the afternoon, I wore this cream pleated skirt, with a white button down top, pink check cardigan, white oxfords and pink handbag. I buttoned the cardigan up for the more formal meeting then unbuttoned them for the more casual meet up. I thought both outfits were perfectly matched!

Dark wash jeans on the go!

Jeans are the easiest to style any season it may be but I would prefer dark wash jeans for the colder season. You can style them anyway you want, even when you’re on the go!

Dark blue with staple colours always go together. For a catch up with a friend, I wore this pair of dark blue jeans, paired with a black turtle neck, my pink cropped leather jacket once again and a pair of loafers. On the other hand, black jeans can go with anything which is why you should have one in your closet. For a day out with friends, I wore this pair of black jeans with a ruffle floral top, white denim jacket and a pair of white trainers. Did I say both are flared jeans? I just love this style more than anything else and I thought they looked better on me too.

Autumn is trench coat season!

Autumn is definitely trench coat season as it goes perfectly with the weather.

Both outfits are also those I have worn during my visit in Scotland. A trench coat puts an oomph in your outfit even when you’re wearing the simplest ones inside. For our last day in Edinburgh, I just wore a white knitted top and jeans with brown boots and a trench coat which made me look more put together. While during a day in the Scottish highlands, I wore this dark blue knitted top with a pair of straight cut jeans and white trainers. It was quite cold and the trench coat kept me warm while looking extra cute in the Scottish mountains. I just love how trench coats give a spin on your outfits!

What were your favourite pieces and styles for this year’s autumn? Have you got any staple pieces for the season?

Hope you have enjoyed my quarterly lookbook entries but I would like to say goodbye to this series. This would be my last quarterly style diary and lookbook entry. But don’t fret, I may make one when I get to travel. Also, you will definitely see more of my styles on my Instagram, so make sure you follow me!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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