The Truth About Happiness: How to find Balance?


Have you been searching for happiness?

Have you tried different ways? Do you feel as if you’ve run out of ways? Are there times you feel as if you’ll never find it? Do you even know what you’re looking for and do you think you’ll be happy once you find it?

Every single day in my life, it’s a wonder and a pleasure how I get to learn many different things. These include finding happiness with the little things on a daily basis without having to think too hard about it.

A simple day in my life usually starts with getting up really early for work. I work most days of the week. I’d love to stay in bed the whole day but we all know that won’t set things in motion. So I reassess the reasons why this has to be done. Even on my days off, I get up quite early to get things done.

I, then, proceed with preparing and heading to work, hoping it will go smoothly. Yet, when I get to work, I’m welcomed with tons of work. It’s not something in my control but I just focus on completing my tasks steadily. When things get a bit rougher, I take a break. Everyone deserves a break anyway. A lovely cup of tea or coffee usually helps.

One thing I strive for is to get home early, if not, on time after work. However, there are just days that I can’t seem to. I end up working overtime and sometimes a lot worse. I get home tired and yet still look forward to tomorrow without expecting too much.

On my days off, I would usually enjoy binge-watching different movies or series. I try to watch those that my friends recommended. There are times I’m disappointed with a certain movie but that’s okay, at least I got to watch it. I sometimes go on a random walk in the park too, but almost everytime I have a day off the weather’s just all gloomy. While on the other hand, the weather’s really lovely and sunny when I’m at work. I end up staying at home, reading a book or writing, like I am right now. But I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything, because I don’t feel obligated, and I still enjoy it.

Happiness is all about balance. I used to search for happiness but I realized that it’s just there, in the many little things. I sometimes tend to think that I can get it with luxury goods. Yes, we consider these as achievements but we don’t need so much. At the end of the day, you don’t have to have every single thing.

Our expectations can hinder us from being happy. It’s alright to expect but not everything’s going to go our way, so we have to find balance in the fact that just the right amount of things would do and that even none at all is not a big deal. We try so hard to search for happiness in many ways but it’s really all around us. It’s not that you haven’t been searching too hard. It’s that you have been searching too hard! So don’t get too worked out about it. Relax, appreciate what’s around you and realize that you’re one with this awesome universe.

As human beings, our search for what interests us and what will complete us seems rather endless and challenging, but we only have whatever time that’s given to us in such a perilous world.

Sometimes… Wait! Perhaps, all the time. Happiness is just something for us to pick up along the way, like a flower by the road, as we grow to become closer to the universe.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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