UK Series: London


Three days in my sweet escape!

Like I promised myself, I’ll be going back to London and it will be longer than just a day! Last month, I had kept that promise to myself!

My friend and I had been planning for this getaway yet our schedules didn’t permit and finally, our schedules matched and where should we go to? To the beautiful London of course! It was her first time there and my second so I made her decide on the places where she wanted to go.

On our first day, we had a photoshoot in Shoreditch (which I will be telling you soon!). The photoshoot ended around 4 in the afternoon so we decided to go around Notting Hill as it was the closest to our hotel.

I totally missed these pastel colored houses!

Sadly, The Notting Hill Bookshop was already closed when we got there. Anyway, no one is stopping us from taking photos in front of it.


On our second day, we watched the changing of guards in Buckingham Palace.

We then explored more of the city. We took the tube to Westminster and walked around Westminster Abbey and UK Parliament. We should have photos with the iconic red telephone booth of course!

We walked to the London Eye and enjoyed the view of the pier.

Hunger came so we decided to go and grab some lunch at Leicester. I’m totally in love with Covent Garden. I can’t wait to visit there again during the holidays.


I was craving for some macarons and where to buy the best macarons in town? Ladurée is the answer! They’re too pretty to be eaten though.

We ended our second night in London by watching Monsta X World Tour “The Connect” in London which was a very memorable night for the fangirl in me.

Our third day came really fast even when we didn’t want our short vacation to end. We went to see The Tower Bridge as a London visit wouldn’t be complete without having to visit the popular bridge.


We surely didn’t want to go back home as it meant going back to our reality of busy work shifts. Yet to think about it, London would always be there to welcome us the next time we visit.

Also, I’m blessed to be living near London, just actually a 30 minute drive or 40 minute train ride away. It is the nearest and the most beautiful escape I can run to from the busy schedules and all the pressure. I’m definitely going back soon! Autumn then?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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