Dream Wedding


What’s your dream wedding like? Here’s mine!

It’s already February, the month of love. Thinking about it, my dream wedding just came to mind. Also, my cousin and best friend just recently got married last month. Watching her walk the aisle with all smiles while tearing up definitely signified that her dream wedding has come true. This made me think of what my own wedding would be like.

When I was younger, I already thought about my dream wedding. Watching fairy tales and chick flicks while growing up had me imagining of my own fairy tale love story coming true and ending with my dream wedding. I have always wanted things to be simple but unforgettable. I want both a church and a beach wedding but if I would choose one then it would definitely be a church wedding. I want the ceremony to be solemn and intimate with my family and everyone very close to me present. I would be walking with my dream wedding gown. Following tradition, I would have something new, something old and something borrowed with me. A reception would follow after the ceremony in an exclusive venue for everyone dear to me. Let’s not go into the details, tell you, it will take me a whole day talking about it. As long as overall, it would be very sentimental.

For now, I’m satisfied watching the dream weddings of people I know come true. No worries, I’m in no rush ‘coz I’ve still got a long way to go and I’ve got lots of things to do before that happens, including all the saving up for that to happen. Also, I know it would eventually come true in the future (fingers crossed). I’m showing you a few photos from my cousin’s wedding. These were before the ceremony, during our early morning photoshoot in one of the prestigious resorts in my hometown.




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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