Only One


One of my fashion inspirations!

Recently, I’ve been getting tons of inspiration when it comes to fashion. I get this inspiration from a lot of things actually, from Pinterest most of the time, also from my favorite fashion icons on Instagram and other social networking sites.

For this style, I was inspired by a Kpop girl group who used to promote their song last month with the same title as my post (Yes, I’m a Kpop-per, don’t hate me. I swore I wouldn’t expose it out here since it’s already all over my Twitter and Tumblr. Anyway, I’m just sharing my inspiration). They used to wear silk button down crop tops which fascinated me how chic they looked. I don’t have that but I have this tan half button down silk top from Best Mountain so I decided to utilize what I have. I paired this with my favorite high waist shorts and finished everything with a pair of lace ups for my own twist but still keeping everything simple and chic. I think this outfit is perfect for when you’re running an errand but still could pass for a business casual look.




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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