Missin’ the Island Life


Terribly missin’ some vitamin sea!

Last July, I had a really wonderful vacation. I must say this summer has been one of the best summer vacations I have had. Did I travel? No but I did go on a trip, not outside the country but just actually in my province. One thing I love about my hometown is you wouldn’t need to get away from home just to have that much awaited escape. Actually, the beach is just a few hours ride from home through land trip.


On the second week of July, I and my cousins went whale shark watching then sailed to the beautiful Sumilon Island. It is a small island located in the Southern part of Cebu. It is small yet very beautiful, surrounded with a vast clear blue water. It’s not crowded too even if it was summer then which is a plus for me. It is definitely one of the best places here on Earth!


The week after that, we went Island hopping in the Northern part this time, through islands surrounding Mactan. First, we went on board a sail boat in a port located in Mactan. Then we enjoyed the adventure of hopping through 3 islands, Nalusuan, Caohagan and Pandanon. We totally loved it when we were swimming in the middle of the sea.


I’m no beach bum but having a little retreat would be awesome to freshen up the soul and relieve yourself from all the stress around. It’s been two months since then and I didn’t think I would actually miss it and I really do now! I’d love to go back there with the same amazing people. Well, perks of living in a tropical country? You only deal with 2 kinds of weather and everyday could be a vacation!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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