MeNow-Pro Powdery Matte Kissproof Soft Lipstick


Better late than never review on these much raved lippies!

Product description: MeNow Kissproof Soft Lipstick is a long lasting, kiss proof lipstick that lifts and hydrates lips.

Volume: 4.2g in a twist tube

Color: These lipsticks are available in 19 shades, yes, a huge variety of 19 shades from nudes to pinks, corals and reds; but I just got one which is #8, a wearable, good for everyday nude shade.

Scent: None

Texture: Lightweight, powdery matte finish which has medium but buildable pigmentation.

Ingredients: (Full list of ingredients in a photo below.)

Directions: You can use this as a lipstick alone or a lip liner.

Effect duration: This lasted me a whole day, 8-10 hours, but you would need to retouch whenever you eat something greasy.

Price: These retails around 3-4 USD (130-150 PHP)

Rating: 4/5

These MeNow Kissproof Lipsticks were a hit late last year, early these year and up until now. I was hesitant to get myself one since I’m not a big fan of matte lipsticks because I have dry lips. These were all over social media, a friend also recommended me to try these so then I gave in to the hype and got myself one around June this year. These were like jumbo lip liners. These are in twist tubes and you would need a good sharpener for these. As I tried these, I thought these weren’t bad at all even though these had a matte finish. These promised to hydrate the lips but I didn’t really notice that but these weren’t drying so that’s good enough. The claims were true that these were kiss proof, smudge proof and long lasting which are some things you wouldn’t find in other lip products. These were also creamy, gentle to apply and dries quickly yet difficult to remove. Though these are very affordable, these aren’t easily available in the market. I think I would love to get another shade for myself and for my sister. These were worth the hype!





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