The Face Shop x Kakao Talk Melting Color Lip Creamer

A lip balm and gloss in one from a much awaited collaboration!

Product description: A coloured lip balm that melts onto your lips for a smooth coat of moisturizing color. This contains essential plant extracts to keep your lips moisturized and healthy. Formulated with sugar, it literally sugar coats your lips, for a wonderful melting sensation. On application, the gel-like formula embraces your lips with a coat of translucent colour and shine.

Volume: 4 g in a tube with a designated Kakaotalk character. Mine has Tube on it.

Color: The Melting Color Lip Creamer are available in 13 colors (8 with the regular packaging plus 5 from this collaboration). I got #13 in Sweet Tube, it is more of the peachy, strawberry color with hints of red.

Scent: This has a sweet candy scent.

Texture: This feels soft and moist on the lips. This is very creamy too.

Ingredients: (Major ingredients) Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip fruit oil, Mango seed butter, Argan tree kernel oil. For a full list of ingredients, refer to a photo below.

Directions: Apply to lips for a healthy dose of colour and moisture. For that just-bitten look, apply to the center of the lips and blend outwards.

Effect duration: This isn’t that long lasting. This lasted me about 3-4 hours. You’ve got to retouch whenever you eat and drink as well.

Price: Around 6 – 7 USD (395 PHP)

Rating: 4/5

2 months ago, The Face Shop x Kakao Talk Friends collaboration came out in Korea. Of course, I was ecstatic when this collaboration was released by The Face Shop Philippines last month. I got myself a lip creamer and a mask as well. I’ve been wanting to get myself this lippie and good thing I waited a little longer to be able to get one from the collaboration. This seemed to me like a combination of lip balm and lip gloss or maybe it was made to be like that. This is very moisturizing and doesn’t dry out your lips. I really like the gel-like texture that coats your lips once you apply it, leaving a dewy finish without enhancing my chapped lips. I think this is perfect for everyday use!





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