25 Dream Travel Destinations


25 places I want to visit in my lifetime!

It has just been a month since I turned 25 yet I’m experiencing some major #quarterlifecrisis! Yes, it’s not really a good thing and I’d rather go through life positively so I made these into #quarterlifegoals! One thing I’d love to do is travel and experience different cultures, I mean who doesn’t want to right?

I listed down 25 places I’d love to visit or go back to in the future. Here they are:

25. Vatican City, Rome, Italy
I’d love to visit Vatican and see the Pope! That has been in my bucketlist ever since I was a little girl!
24. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm has been named the world’s smartest city plus its beauty screams it’s a must visit!
23. Geneva, Switzerland
I think Geneva is such a beautiful place to visit!
22. Alaska, USA
I’ve always gushed on seeing the aurora in the Alaskan skies ever since I was in high school.

21. Brussels, Belgium
Belgium makes the best waffles, cookies and chocolates and the country is beautiful itself.
20. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam has a really great artistic heritage and that is just one of the things I’d love to see for myself.
19. Matamata, New Zealand
This was mainly because of Hobbiton! While watching photos of this place, I already want to transport myself there, how much more if I see it for myself!
18. Santorini, Greece
Talk about a picture perfect landscape, that’s Santorini! I would also love to experience the culture there.

17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Who wouldn’t want to visit a place as great as Rio de Janeiro? When I set foot there, I’ll immediately visit Christ the Redeemer and other famous site too.
16. Vienna, Austria
Vienna and Salzburg are a few of the great places I want to visit with my sisters. These both have great cultures I’d love to experience. I’d be torn between these 2 if I were to choose only 1, but Vienna stole my heart first.
15. Macau
If I were to retire in the future, Macau would be in my top picks of places to stay at. This place has a vintage and modern feel at the same time perfect for my liking.
14. Venice, Italy
This is one of the most romantic places on Earth and I’d love to be here with the person I love!


13. Munich, Bavaria, Germany
While looking at the structures in Munich, my eyes would form into hearts.
12. New York, New York, USA
This is the second of 3 US destinations I’d love to visit. If you’re a Fashion girl then you’ll understand why I chose New York.
11. Fiji
My dad has been to Fiji and all I can hear from him are just good things! I guess, it would be great to have a father-daughter bonding in the Islands of Fiji.
10. Maldives
I’m no beach bum but talking about the Maldives is a different story! This is paradise!

9. Sydney/ Melbourne, Australia
I was torn between Melbourne and Sydney but I guess either of both would be great!
8. London, Great Britain
Whenever talking about London, there would always be this royalty feeling and what more if I was given the chance to set foot there!
7. Nairobi, Kenya
My boyfriend has lived in Kenya for years when he was younger and I can see how his eyes smile while talking about this country so I’d love to see for myself the reason why he loves this place.
6. Bohol, Philippines
This is like my second home! I’ve been here multiple times but I’ll never get tired of going here. My paternal roots are from this place and I just love everything here. Rather than going to overrated Boracay or Palawan, I’d enjoy a quiet life in Panglao, Bohol.

5. Tokyo, Japan
While talking about Tokyo, you will notice how excited I am. I’d love to experience crossing Shibuya, dress in a kimono and visit Meiji Shrine, dress in trendy Japanese outfits, see the rest of Tokyo in Tokyo Tower, eat lots of Japanese goodies and a lot more.
4. Seoul, South Korea
I’m in love with Korean Beauty products and I also really like Korean Entertainment. It’s just but right to visit the source of the things I love.
3. San Francisco, California, USA
I’ve got 4 words for San Francisco, LOVE OF MY LIFE! I think that’s enough. 🙂


2. Florence, Italy
Visiting Florence has been in my bucketlist for years now and for those who are following me on Instagram definitely knows how I love this place. Florence has just been a dream, a dream I’d love to come true someday!


1. Paris, France
I’m a hopeless romantic and having Paris in my number 1 spot is not questionable. Without any doubts, Paris deserves number 1 and I’m not alone with that verdict. I can already imagine myself having dinner in the Eiffel Tower with my boyfriend (or maybe husband already by that time!), visit Notre Dame, walk by Jardin du Luxembourg, take photos in Arc de Triomphe, shop around Champs-Élysées and a lot more. I don’t think a week of stay there would even be enough for me!


I swear, there are still a lot of places I’d love to travel to but these are my top 25 as of the moment and these may change in the future. As you can see, there a lot of countries in Europe stated here, a European Cruise would be a dream come true! These may not happen now (I’m no billionaire) but eventually in my lifetime with my utmost perseverance and hard work of course. I’ll definitely strive hard for these to happen!

(Some photos aren’t mine, rightful credits to the owners of the photos used!)

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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