Transporting back to my childhood!

Nostalgia involves a feeling of sentimentality for the past, mostly associated with those happy moments. Most of those good memories happen during one’s childhood. I’m lucky to still be surrounded with things that give me that sudden nostalgic feeling.
I have here a few things that gives me that childhood nostalgia. It’s just great to be able to transport to your childhood! It would definitely be great if these would be brought back from the past too.

Bamboo coin banks
During special occasions like birthdays, Chinese New Year and Christmas, I used to be given monetary gifts. I usually just gave them to my parents whenever that happened since they would promise to buy me toys using those. You know, when you we’re small, toys mattered more. When I reached 2nd grade, I realized that money can buy you anything, even that doll house I’ve been eyeing on. Whenever I just received 20 bucks at a certain moment, I saved them all up. Since then I kept all monetary gifts I received and even asked my parents if I could open up my own bank account, yet that’s still not possible then. My mom then bought me a coin bank, not just any ordinary coin bank but something made of bamboo assuring that it won’t be easy to break. Guess what? I and my siblings still have bamboo coin banks with us! Don’t worry, mine’s a different coin bank from the one I was young!


My grandma was cleaning up my little brother’s toy room the other day. I tried to help her and found this! The sudden gush of childhood nostalgia just hit me! I literally grew up with Barney! I was first introduced to Barney while watching a DVD of Barney live in New York concert and loved the purple dinosaur ever since then. I can still remember singing Barney songs with my cousins and we would pretend that we were one of Barney’s friends. Even until now, I can still remember the lyrics of some Barney songs. Eventually, a lot of children’s shows popped out but nothing as great as the iconic purple dinosaur.


My Grandma’s Hair Curlers
I have always been girly ever since. I would always watch my mom and my grandma while they were doing their daily beauty and skincare routines. One day when I didn’t have class, I snuck in my grandma’s room and followed what I learned from her. I combed my hair and placed some hair curlers at the end of my hair. My grandma caught me and laughed at me because I looked like I knew what I was doing. After that, my grandma would always put a hair curler on my bangs while I was looking at her doing her beauty routine. That even became a habit until I reached my Junior High days when I grew out my bangs. Now, there are a lot of ways to curl your hair but things started with these little hair curlers.


Disney Princesses
My childhood was also about Disney princesses. I have always dreamed of becoming a Disney princess. Even until now, my inner child would still dream of becoming Ariel since she’s my favorite Disney Princess. Almost everything I owned before had pictures of Disney princesses on them. I even had a Disney Princesses Doll collection. Among all of them, the only thing remained was this ice shaver. Up to now, I know there are still little girls who loves the Disney princesses.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Books
These doesn’t really count as something from my childhood but these still give me that nostalgic feeling of my teenage years (so I counted that out and included these here!). I started loving reading when I reached Junior High and these were the first books I had and I loved them so dearly that until now I still cherish them. Whenever I read these, they just make me smile.


Those are just a few things that makes me feel young again. You can also check out other people’s favorites that also give them that childhood nostalgia here.

Being able to remember those good old days keeps me grounded and inspires me to be a better person. Don’t you just like that feeling while remembering those good old memories? When was the last time you experienced some kind of nostalgia? What made you feel it?

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Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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