Sweet Motivation


These definitely motivate me!

There are just those days when we feel too lazy or too down to accomplish our to-do lists, even daily tasks. I experience this a lot of times. So to motivate me, I set a little treat for myself after completing specific tasks. It has been very effective and trust me, the reward system isn’t just for kids. Well, everyone deserves a little treat!

My guilty pleasure right now and my sweet reward are these Pepero Double Dip! These aren’t just your usual Pepero sticks. These are first dipped in white chocolate then with milk chocolate or strawberry, thus they’re double dipped. Now, I’ve been stocking up on these to be motivated. The result, I’m pretty excited to get a lot of things done ending my day in a sweet way! Well, I love myself with some strawberries and chocolates so I would never say no to these! These are such sweet motivation!




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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