Through 25 Years…

25 things I learned through 25 years!

Yes, I have now reached the silver year. I’m now two decades and a half old today! I haven’t really opened this topic up here ‘coz I thought it’s not really that important. The wisdom you have gained doesn’t rely on the years you have lived. I have gone through a lot of tough times but more happy moments. Let me share to you 25 lessons (there are still more actually but I have rounded them up into 25 to match my age!) I have learned and realized throughout my lifetime!

1. Some people will come into your life and try to change you into something you’re not. Don’t do that!
2. Not everyone stays beside you overtime. Treasure the ones who stay.
3. Don’t stress out on others’ problems, it’s ok to help but never make it your own. You have enough problems yourself.
4. Trust is very important and so is trustworthiness.
5. Though hard at times, accept reality! Not everything happens the way you want them to be. Maybe it’s just a way for you to learn a thing or two. Everything happens for a reason!


6. You can’t please everyone and you can’t always be everyone’s favorite as well.
7. Even when you’re already tired, you may act drastically but you should also think of the consequences and the effects your actions have on others.
8. Whenever we can’t get what we want, never choose to blame anyone else ‘coz humans as we are, we always look for something or someone to blame.
9. Whatever you’re going through, just hang in there! Always keep the faith!
10. You should never envy others’ achievements. You don’t know how much they have sacrificed and worked hard for it!


11. When faced with a difficult, embarrassing circumstances, remember to stay calm, breathe in and out, compose yourself, think and do what the right thing is.
12. Change always starts voluntarily from oneself, never asked for or demanded from.
13. You may not make the best of decisions, forgive yourself and learn from it. But don’t overdo it!
14. Stay classy. Be professional. Never stoop down to a level you’re not.
15. Depression is inevitable at times, just pray, pray and always pray. Pray when you’re sad and pray harder when you’re the happiest.


16. During your darkest days, there will always be someone who will be with you no matter what. Don’t throw them away just because you lost some hope.
17. Your Instagram (or any other SNS account) followers don’t identify who you are and your self-confidence. Don’t let it lower your self-esteem.
18. Never underestimate yourself! You may not notice your potentials right now.
19. Be patient and keep striving hard. Patience + hard work = fulfillment!
20. Don’t focus on the destination. You learn while you’re on the journey!



21. Be grateful and contented with what you have. You may not see it but you actually have more that you think.
22. You’ve still got a long way to go and lessons to learn!
23. Be pretty! Not everyone may see it but you are beautiful as you are!
24. Be happy and stay positive always! Bitterness brings nothing good. Keep smiling!
25. Be you! No one knows you better than yourself, don’t let other people bring you down!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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